Collection: A Journey to Florence : Artisan Jewelry by Tharros Bijoux

Imagine a small shop in the heart of Florence where a passionate jewelry artisan, Carlo Amato, brings back the charm and the character of the years of antiquity. Tharros is the name of an incredible archaeological site in Sardinia. Carlo is inspired by paintings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also by decorative arts and icons of Byzantine art and Greek and Roman antiquity. He reconnects here with all the great artists who haunt the museums of Florence and Europe and immerses us in the history of jewelry.

You'll find some spectacular collections of ornaments that exude the elegance of Renaissance period and exhibit the fine mastery of the skilled artisans who specialized in traditional methods of jewelry making. Bijoux's shelves are lined with pieces that replicate the designs worn in Art-Deco, Liberty, and Victorian eras. Works by noted Renaissance virtuosos like Raffael, Michelangelo, and Botticelli are used as inspirations for some striking works in precious and semi-precious stones. Every piece is unique and created in the shop by Carlo. He uses gilded silver and an alloy of silver and copper (they do not contain nickel) and hard stones or semi-precious stones.