About 9 Rue Clementine

Bonjour, enchanté ! My name is Sarah and I'm a French home stylist and pastry chef who’s always been amazed by talented artisans around the world. I created this site to share my passion for age-old craftsmanship, antique furniture, block printing, and tableware. While navigating between Cape Cod and Paris with my American husband and child, I founded 9 Rue Clementine to celebrate my love for East Coast and Parisian lifestyles. 

My ever-evolving collections show a taste for celebration, golden hour picnics by the sea, joyful family tables, and long summer nights in the garden by candlelight - a collage of the ambiances I like to compose for my loved ones. All my pieces are intuitively sourced throughout France, Italy, and India, and are constantly being updated with new compelling finds from all over the world.

I love the idea that each piece has its own small story to tell about the talented artisan who anonymously created it, bringing elements of a distant and magical land into our homes.